Box Social

A 6-week community for meeting new people in Toronto.

Making friends is hard.

Moving to a new city, or finding new friends in an old city can be tough. You often need to put yourself out there, join multiple clubs, and try to fit yourself into existing social circles.

It should be as simple as it was at summer camp.

Remember how easy it was to make friends in school, and at camp? We believe it's a simple recipe:

  • A group of people with similar interests
  • Who don't know each other
  • who meet on a regular basis to try new things

How It Works

Box Social plans weekly events with a community of the same people, enabling you to create long-lasting friendships, and try new things in Toronto.

Step #1

Sign Up

Sign up online, and we'll send you a link for next steps.

Sign Up Now - Toronto
Step #2

Complete Interview

We ask all participants to complete a short virtual interview - it can be done at any time and will take approximately 10 minutes.

Step #3

Match With A Community

After your interview, we'll contact you with available options and cohorts, and match you with a community with a start date that works for you.

Step #4

Attend Events, Meet Friends

For 6 weeks, we'll plan weekly events for you and your community. Connect with friends and try new experiences in a social environment.

Step #5

Make Long-Lasting Connections

After the 6 weeks, keep in contact with your community by planning your own events and staying in touch.

Our Events

Here are a few of the events we've got planned for your community. All our events are facilitated so that they allow you to be as social as you're feeling.

🤝 Meet & Greet

A low-stakes mixer, facilitated by our community leader, to introduce yourself and the group.

🎤 Karaoke Night

Sing your heart out. Don't be embarassed, you're with friends.

🍳 Cooking Class

Learn to cook something delicious with your community, then maybe plan a dinner party afterwards?

🔎 Scavenger Hunt

Split into smaller groups and search across the city for various items.

🧘 Yoga Night

Breath, stretch, and find inner calm, followed by some food & drinks.

🎨 Paint Night

Create beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) artwork, while chatting about it.

Different events work for different communities. We'll tailor your community's events to its interests.

Sign Up Today (Beta)

We're currently recruiting the first few cohorts for Box Social in Toronto. Sign up to be a part of the community, and make new friends.